Zemaitis Club

The Zemaitis Guitar Owners Club was formed in 1996 with the full approval of Tony Zemaitis. With the proliferation of counterfeit instruments appearing there was a need to establish a safe trading area and a means of distributing information on the various instruments created by Tony.

The club magazine is called The Z GAZETTE and features articles written by Tony. He very kindly wrote many pages of articles for the club (enough material to last for years to come). Since Tony’s passing the magazine still features his articles, alongside pages from Tony Zemaitis Junior and Danny O’Brien.

The Zemaitis Guitar Owners Club has helped auction houses and musicians with queries regarding Zemaitis instruments. We can also advise on restoration of your Zemaitis and there is a FOR SALE section in The Z GAZETTE.

Join Official Zemaitis Guitar Owners Club

You do not have to own a Zemaitis instrument to join. Included in the price for the subscription are:

  • Three copies of the club magazine each year
  • One free back issue
  • Advice on buying / selling / restoring a Zemaitis
  • Help on how to spot a fake Zemaitis
  • Free use of the magazine’s FOR SALE section if you have a Zemaitis to sell

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UK Subscribers: £20 pa

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