November – the November issues of leading UK guitar magazines both feature Zemaitis guitars:

‘Guitar & Bass’ reviewed the Zemaitis Greco GZ501 Diamond – scored 87%

‘Guitarist’ reviewed AC Zemaitis MF501-BL Metal Front (4 stars) and Greco GZV-500MF Metal Front Vee (3.5 stars). They also had a reprint from the Z Gazette written by Tony about the Metal Front… and a Zemaitis Pearl Front featuring in their calendar (May).

September – Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards donates his Zemaitis Pearl Front to charity The Rector High School Helping Hands Foundation.

September – Guitarist magazine (UK) has details on the return of Zemaitis to the UK “Metal Heart”.

Guitarist magazine (UK) has details on the return of Zemaitis to the UK "Metal Heart".

August – Guitarist magazine’s ‘Uppers Downers’ column has an upper saying “ZAMAZING new Japanese-made Zemaitis guitars are clearly in vogue for the classic rock glitterati if Guitarist’s recent visit to the Download festival is anything to go by – guitarists from Black Stone Cherry, Buckcherry, Whitesnake, The Answer and Def Leppard were playing them.”

July – Hobbs Farm Music Festival 2008 is using a Zemaitis acoustic image on it’s flyer and website.

July – New George Harrison CD “Let it Roll” has a booklet with a great photo of George’s Zemaitis Metal Front.

June – BBC TV showed a special on Jackie Stewart which included a clip of George Harrison playing one of his (many) Zemaitis acoustic guitars on Faster.
June 2009 – Classic Rock (UK magazine) has James Hetfield (Metallica) on the front cover with his Zemaitis Metal Front Vee.

May – Great clip on YouTube of Ronnie Wood backstage with his guitars during the Licks Tour 2003. Shows two of his original Zemaitis guitars.

May – Kenji Suzuki is on tour with Simply Red and is using his Zemaitis Pearl Front.See http://kenjisuzukijam.com

January – The February issue of UK magazine Guitarist has a feature ’50 Guitars to play before you die’ – nice to see it includes a Zemaitis Metal Front. The caption is ‘Don’t you wish you were rock ‘n; roll enough?’.

Guitarist magazine also includes an article on the HUB’s exhibition on British luthiery including Tony McPhee’s Metal Front #1 (see December below)