December – Amongst other guitars, Keith Smart’s Ronnie Lane Zemaitis resonator and Tony McPhee’s Zemaitis Metal Front (the very first ever made) are on display at THE HUB in Sleaford.

November – The new Zemaitis Tribal Tattoo Guitar earned a PG Premier Gear Award in Premier Guitar’s December issue. The front was designed by Danny O’Brien’s son David!

November – Metallica’s James Hetfield has a new Zemaitis Flying V. You can find more details and photos at www.guitarnoize.com and here on the Z Club website.

October – Tony is of Lithuanian decent. This caught the eye of the Lithuanian newspaper – see the front cover of Vakaru Ekspresas and the main feature on Tony.

September – You can see some short videos of the Zemaitis Museum on YouTube.

June – Rave review of the new Zemaitis GZA300-Heart (Greco-Zemaitis) acoustic in US magazine Acoustic Guitar. You can read the review online. There’s also a video demo.

May – The news in Nov 07 about Sir Cliff Richard seen playing a Zemaitis acoustic goes on.. the image has been used on a greetings card!

February – The latest edition of Japan’s Guitar Player Magazine has a few pages on the Zemaitis 12 string that Jimi Hendrix played in his film. It features a full page colour photo, plus copy of a letter from Tony. The guitar is now owned by TALACREST who are/were Ferrari dealers but appeared to have branched out into rock memorabilia.

Japanese guitar magazine - Jimi Hendrix's Zemaitis Guitar

January – In Guitarist (UK magazine) Stevie Salas was interviewed. When asked what vintage guitar he’d like to own and keep he replied “An original Zemaitis. I don’t know much about re-issues, but the old Zemaitis, they sound insane! I played one in Japan recently and it was like $150,000 or something crazy.”