October – Sir Cliff Richard seen playing a Zemaitis acoustic! On British TV there was a tribute to comedian Kenny Everett which showed Cliff doing one of the guest spots on one of Kenny’s old TV programmes.

October – There is a new book out on Zemaitis Guitars. It’s published in Japan but is totally unofficial and unauthorised.

Tony Junior said “This book has been written by Taddy Mitsui, Atsushi Matsuzaki, Hiroshi Suzuki and Naoki Washida – a bunch of Zemaitis enthusiasts in Japan.

“The book is impressive but is totally unofficial and unauthorised and has many inaccuracies and includes many photographs used without permission.

“To top it all, they call themselves fans but none of them even had the decency to let the Zemaitis family know about the project or to send us a copy of the completed book! They showed the same contempt for Kanda Shokai, the manufacturers of Zemaitis International. (Thankfully a true Zemaitis fan did send me a copy.)

“But what can you expect when Taddy set up the Japanese Zemaitis Fan Club against the express wishes of my father. And Atsushi makes guitars that are more or less copies of Zemaitis?

“Danny O’Brien has asked me to add his name to this because he feels equally unimpressed – they even featured some of his photos without permission!
“Buyer Beware!”

July – Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Still You Turn Me On has Greg Lake playing his Zemaitis 12 string:

May – BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend concert had Kasabian playing a metal front on “Shoot the Runner”.

On the same weekend BBC2’s TV show “The Seven Ages of Rock” had Hendrix playing the Zemaitis 12.

February – Guitarist Magazine (UK) features Z-Club Chairman Keith Smart’s ex Ronnie Lane Zemaitis Resonator in ”My Guitar Is…” in the March issue