November – The Rolling Stones played at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles California and Zemaitis International took the opportunity to deliver some custom made prototype guitars to Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood. Keith and Ronnie met up with Zemaitis International to design their new guitars when the Stones toured Japan in April, . Ronnie liked his Metal Front so much he took it on-stage that night! See It’s Only Rock’n Roll

November – Guitar & Bass magazine (UK) has an article on Kris Dollimore which shows his lovely Zemaitis pearl front. You can read more about Kris & see another pic of his Zemaitis at www.krisdollimore.com

October – Guitarist magazine (UK) have included their 2007 calendar in their November issue. It shows 12 highly desirable guitars photographed for previous editions. April features the new Zemaitis Pearl Front.

September – Uncut magazine (UK) runs a feature on the new Stones book TOTA ’75 – all about the Stones 1975 US tour. It has loads of great pics of the band including many with Keef and his Zemaitis Macabre. Mind you, it has a hefty price tag of £295 for the Commander issue!

August – A bit closer to home, the Kent Messenger runs a piece on Tony Junior’s band Spitfire 4. It talks about having a guitar maker for a dad and runs with the title It’s Chord Family Pride .

August – Player (JP) magazine has a Zemaitis guitars popping up everywhere! From Ronnie Wood on the front cover, to a feature on the Stones and well as a review of the new Metal Front bass.

August – Guitar Player (US) magazine reviews one of the new Zemaitis acoustics. Apart from a great review, it was nice to see the author (Art Thompson) refers to one of Tony’s Guitar Player interviews in 1988

July – Zemaitis & noodles on TV? Yes it’s true! Japanese rock band Earth Shaker are seen playing a Zemaitis on a soup noodle advert that is appearing on Japanese TV.

July – US Magazine Musicians Hotline features Zemaitis.

July – Japan’s Guitar Magazine has Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood with new Zemaitis guitars on the front

June – Zemaitis player Gilby Clarke will be on the TV show Rock Star this summer with Tommy Lee and Jason Newsted. CBS has announced that for its second season, the show will be searching for a lead singer for Supernova –a new band made up of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Metallica’s Jason Newsted, and Gilby Clarke of Guns N’ Roses. After the rockers select a new lead singer on the show, Supernova will record their first album. They will also embark on a world tour in early 2007. Watch out for those Zemaitis guitars…

June – GUITARIST magazine (UK) run a two page feature called FRONT END on the new Zemaitis International heart hole acoustic. The April edition had a small photograph of the guitar, the July edition (out in June) shows the guitar over two pages and it looks stunning!.

May – Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes is on tour with the band in the US. He has just taken delivery of a new Zemaitis Disc Front although his one is custom engraved with a black crow on the front!. The Zemaitis S22 BP III S TerZetto™ is another of his favourite guitars and Rich is using both of these Zemaitis guitars on tour.

April – GUITARIST magazine (UK) feature a photograph of a new Zemaitis International heart hole acoustic.

April – Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood are spotted using new Zemaitis guitars at Rolling Stones concerts in Australia & Japan.

March – WARNING on eBay there was a fraudulent attempt to sell someone’s Zemaitis 6-string acoustic! There was a genuine entry by the owner in England and someone in Holland copied the details and set up a bogus sale. Because Zemaitis guitars are so rare it is always a good idea to contact the club before buying. Fortunately this time the bogus sale was spotted by a club member; Keith Smart contacted the owner who got eBay to remove it.

March – Q Classic The Rolling Stones Ultimate Collectors Edition has some great shots of Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood with their Zs.

March – Guitar and bass (U.K.) feature Ronnie Wood’s son Jesse in their “Private collection” pages. A Zemaitis International Metal Front is pictured (though it is incorrectly captioned as a Greco)

Ronnie Wood's son Jesse playing a Zemaitis International guitar

February – DVD of JIMI (film about Hendrix) is out now. It features Jimi playing a Zemaitis 12 string on the cover.

Jimi Hendrix playing a Zemaitis 12 string on the cover of the new A Film About Jimi Hendrix DVD

January – Zemaitis International show at NAMM.